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Virtual Assistant Rates

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Virtual Assistant Rates

My Virtual Assistant rates are charged in 15-minute increments with a one-hour minimum per project. Firm price quote on projects when possible.

Administrative Assistant Services

  • Based on $30.00 hourly rate
  • One hour minimum

Click here to evaluate Executive Administrative Assistant salaries in the Kansas City area.

Save on our Virtual Assistant rates with the following monthly retainer packages:

  • 10 hours/mth . . . . $275
  • 20 hours/mth . . . . $575
  • 30 hours/mth . . . . $875

Payment Options

  • Business Checks - KC area only ($40.00 returned check charge)
  • Money Order/Cashier's Check
  • PayPal (Mastercard, Visa or PayPal account)

Our TIME allows you to
make more

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Desktop Publishing Based on $50.00 hourly rate.
Firm price quote on projects when possible. - Stock paper products
- Custom-designed products quoted
with a firm price based on hourly rate.
- 50% deposit required up front.
- Balance due upon completion.

Custom projects of $200.00+ receive
discounts quoted above

Feel free to call (913) 825-2587 or email us if you have any questions about our Virtual Assistant rates.

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