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Virtual Office Assistant

"Amy Kesler is honest and trustworthy Virtual Office Assistant. She knows her subject matter well and was recommended by another associate. Amy helped make the technical world simple and easy for me to understand."

Ric T.

"In my dealings with Amy, she has been a first-rate initial point of contact for not only the administrative things that need to be accomplished but she is also quite knowledgable and creative in the use of the various computer programs utilized in most of today's office environments. I would recommend Amy's Virtual Office Assistant services without hesitation."

Paul B.

"If you are not using Amy's Virtual Office Assistant services then you are missing out on an opportunity to focus on the aspects of the business you love. Amy is an extreme professional that helps you make things happen."

Jeff Miner
Nothing By Chance

"Amy Kesler, owner of Competitive Computer Resource is extremely fast, efficient and an effective choice if you are managing a project with a deadline and you need extra support. I was well impressed with Amy's follow up on the project that she helped American Companion Care with. Her administrative support skills are top notch, as well as being forward thinking in offering solutions. As a Virtual Office Assistant, Amy gives her clients the flexibility to hire "by the project" or on an ongoing basis. This allows business owners to cut overhead expenses associated with hiring a full or part-time employee."

Sheril Herman
American Companion Care

"Amy has done a wonderful job learning the key administrative tasks of my business and executing them flawlessly. With her in control of the administrative aspects of my business I can spend more time focused on growing my business. I recommend her Virtual Office Assistant services without hesitation."

KC Events and Consulting Business

"Amy is a bright, motivated, self-starter who is resourceful, efficient and creative. She has a strong work ethic and always paid particular attention to time-sensitive material. She would be a good administrative assistant under many different work environments and would prove to be an asset in a firm or corporate setting."

Mark K.

"Impressed with Amy's technical background and work experience. She is not afraid to take initiative and work with new systems. She is flexible, timely and highly skilled."

Brendan Dowd
Seminar Manager

"I am so pleased with your Virtual Office Assistant service that I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know. I had spent years searching for a solution to my office mess. Since hiring you to organize my office and continue filing, my business life has been so much easier. You are reliable, efficient and cost effective. I wish I had known about your Virtual Office Assistant services years ago. I would highly recommend you to any company in need of organizational services."

Mary Schanzer, President
Party Personnel

Desktop Publishing

"I had finished writing my e-book but now it needed an appealing cover for viewing on the Internet. Advice I had read said hire a Desktop Publishing professional to design your cover as it could boost sales by 100 times. I took that advice and called Amy Kesler, the Virtual Office Assistant. Amy knocked my project out of the park!

I had no clear vision of what the cover should look like. But after several minutes discussion with Amy on the phone, we had laid the groundwork for the images, colors, symbols, fonts and, in my case, bullet teaser lines. I was very pleased with the final product and would recommend Amy's Desktop Publishing ability to anyone needing a cover for an ebook, pamphlet or article. In fact, I already have.

I know on my own, I couldn't have come close to producing a product like Amy did and would have spent many frustrating hours trying. My humble suggestion - call Competitive Computer Resource!"

Larry R.

"Thank you for keeping me informed on the shipping status of my paper order. I appreciate your communication and assistance. I've got a baby due in November, so I will definitely keep your company in mind for birth announcements and other related future needs."


"THANK YOU for your amazing help with my order! You helped me find something that met my needs for our event, and I truly appreciate that. I am going to make sure that your name, and contact information is in, not only the invitation committee notebook, but in my Presidents Notebook for future use."


Paper Products

"I love the golf paper!!!! I wish the shipping wasn't so much or I wish I had bought more if I'd know how awesome it is. It's perfect for the golf poem I made with all my high school golfer's names in it. Wow!"


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