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Amy Kesler-Virtual Office Assistant Virtual Assistants located in the Kansas City area (specifically Overland Park, Kansas). Competitive Computer Resource was founded in 2002 by Amy Kesler. She provides Virtual Assistants who are highly-skilled professionals that cover a wide range of services. When a client requires a certain expertise, they can rest assured that Amy has the best solution. Her target clients are solopreneurs, independent contractors and home-based businesses.

Amy's skills are based on 25+ years of administrative and office management experience working in the corporate world (Real Estate, HVAC, Manufacturing and Insurance), as well as holding various secretarial and IT-related certifications. All of this work experience has contributed to her becoming one of the multi-faceted Virtual Assistants.

What you can expect from our Virtual Assistants

  • Expertise - Collectively offer a wide range of experience. The ability to work on certain tasks or coordinate multi-faceted projects for you.
  • Confidentiality - All our Virtual Assistants are experts and under contract, so your proprietary information will be safely guarded.
  • Honesty and Integrity - We don't believe in doing business any other way. Our reputation is key to getting referrals.
  • Punctuality - Jobs are always completed within given timeframe or sooner.
  • Affordability - No need to provide office equipment and employee benefits. Only pay for the time worked.
  • Flexibility - Hire "by the project" or on an on-going monthly retainer basis.
  • Peace of Mind - You will find that you won't have the need to micro-manage our Virtual Assistants. Go do what you do best and know that your office functions are running efficiently.
You could write down all the tasks that need to be done in your typical work day/week. Then cross through the ones that only you can do. You would most likely discover that a Virtual Office Assistant could execute the majority of your tasks.

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Established in 2002

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