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Virtual Office Assistant
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Freeing up your time so you can
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Virtual Office Assistant Services

A Virtual Office Assistant provides the necessary knowledge to complete your task faster.

I provide:

  • a professional highly-skilled Virtual Office Assistant
  • less training time with a higher quality work product
  • conservative but creative ways to save you money
  • confidentiality and strong business ethics

Just say NO!!!
  • No costly payroll taxes
  • No expensive employee benefits
  • No extra space or office equipment
  • No excessive temporary agency fees

Why Use A Virtual Office Assistant?

Use a Virtual Office Assistant when your business increases to the point that you can't do it all any more. Most of my clients are particular and I understand that the way they run their business is unique. When they give specific instructions, I make sure they know that their project is handled by a highly-skilled assistant. This facilitates less training time with a higher quality work product. 

Some clients have a project concept but are not sure where to start. That is when a one-on-one brainstorming session is available to determine the best solution for your specific project(s). Sometimes it's necessary to use mind mapping to visually organize the information. This helps my clients to focus on each step to help them determine what is needed to reach a specific goal. 

My clients have said that I provide clients comfort in knowing that their projects are handled right the first time and on time. Change can be uncomfortable when you are used to doing everything yourself. My "confidential" and flexible Virtual Office Assistant services allow you to start with the one-hour minimum of time. From there, you can slowly and safely expand the amount of work hours. Ultimately, this will allow you to better use your time to stay focused on YOUR client's needs, which will help you grow your business. 


Who Uses A Virtual Office Assistant?

Anyone that needs a highly-skilled administrative professional and wants to save money at the same time. My clients are solopreneurs, independent contractors, home-based businesses, and even large corporations. As a Virtual Office Assistant, the majority of my clients are home-based businesses. I provide them with the tools necessary to create a larger professional image for their company.

Read my client testimonials. Whether you live in the greater Kansas City area or around the world, think of Compteitive Computer Resource when you need a Virtual Office Assistant that will help watch your bottom line.


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